New Comics Wednesday – 2/17/10

It’s time for more new comics! This week, we’ve got Dark Avengers coming in to (hopefully!) shed some light on the Serious Stuff that happened in Siege #2. But more importantly, we’ve got two HUGE releases for Blackest Night – Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps! All in all, this is a massive week for both Marvel and DC – come check it out! Full list of what we’re getting is below the cut.
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::sad eyes::

This female cat was found as a stray by my super at my OTHER job.  She’s a very cuddly and bubbly young adult who obviously was someone’s pet.  The house’s established cat has made it very clear that she DOES NOT WANT, so we’re looking for a happy home for her.  If you’re interested, call 865-922-6210.

New FNM Prize Support! – Starting TONIGHT at 8:30!

We’ve done some rethinking about the nature of FNM – it’s intended to be a day where folks get rewarded for just coming to play Magic, and to date, our tournament structure rewards, for the most part, only the ones who happen to be the luckiest or most skillful.

While we’re still committed to giving real rewards for Magic play, we’re going to divvy up the prizes somewhat differently – and I think you’ll like it! The new FNM prize-out will start tonight at 8:30! Details below the cut.
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Thanksgiving + Black Friday Hours!

Since I’ll be either be eating obscene amounts of turkey six hours from Knoxville or digging large holes in a national park on Thanksgiving, we’re going to be closed all day on the 26th this week. That said, we’re going to open at 9 a.m. on Friday, the 27th – ‘Black Friday’. We might even do something special for Friday… it might behoove the bargain-conscious buyer to keep an eye on the Web site at 12:01 a.m. Friday. Just sayin’!

New Comics Wednesday! – 11/16/09

…time for more new comics! Here’s all the comics I’ve got coming into me Wednesday afternoon; the full list is below the cut. My personal faves:

* Batman’s got several neat releases due out – Unseen 4, the finale to the Streets of Gotham series, and also a Blackest Night tie-in with the Superman / Batman combo series.
* We’re starting to carry Conan! Gonna give it a shot for a couple of months and see how folks react.
* The final (I think?) Dark Reign one-shot comes out this month targeting… Spiderman!
* Realm of Kings looks like it’s going to take the Dark Reign storyline to some promising places (namely, Asgard!) after it’s been languishing slightly in the shadow of Blackest Night.
* World of Warcraft #25 starts the split between an Alliance and Horde-branded WoW comic – should be neat to follow!
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Weekly Specials!

From now until the New Year, Organized Play will be offering weekly specials.  They’ll be announced Monday evening or Tuesday morning, and will run through the following Monday.

This week’s special (Nov 9 – Nov 16):

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