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This female cat was found as a stray by my super at my OTHER job.  She’s a very cuddly and bubbly young adult who obviously was someone’s pet.  The house’s established cat has made it very clear that she DOES NOT WANT, so we’re looking for a happy home for her.  If you’re interested, call 865-922-6210.


2,500 Visitors!

Wow! You like us, you really like us! Or, at least, you need to check our website a whole bunch for the hours we’re open and directions to get here.  Or you’re our parents who like to check and see what the store’s doing (Hi Mom!).  No matter, yesterday we hit 2,500 visits to this humble website.  Considering we first opened our doors to all of you during Labor Day weekend, that’s only been about 7 weeks.  Not even two months!  Again, wow!

And we’re still improving.  Here are some of the things that you can look forward to in the next few weeks:

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Colonial Gothic – Free PDF With Purchase!

Ever since I’ve been working with Indy Press Revolution, I’ve been consistently pleased by occasional e-mails direct from the developers of those games that drop in my box. This morning, I got one from the owner of Rogue Games that absolutely delighted me.

I’ve been trying hard to figure out a good solution for PDFs for my role-playing games – heck, I’d love to even be able to sell DRM small-capacity jump drives. However, Rogue Games just made it a lot easier – if you buy a copy in my store of Colonial Gothic (and, I presume, forthcoming supplements,) you’ll get a PDF copy for free! Just give me your e-mail when you buy it and I’ll get it rolling to you.

It’s a distinct pleasure to work with game publishers that get the importance of the digital market in RPGs, and they just earned my business for a good long while. It makes me even happier that it’s from a publisher of a game that I happen to think has a lot of promise going forward.

Publicity, Advertising, and Give-aways

Up until now, we have been dependent on the word of mouth of the gaming and downtown community.  It has worked out very well, and we have had many people visit our store because of our website (this) and our twitter account (in the sidebar).

At the same time, we’ve been helped along by the local newspeople.  The first article about us was in the Knoxville News Sentinel.  Then this week we were quite surprised that we were in the Metropulse not just once in the business briefs, but twice in Jack Neely’s Secret History column!

But, the community recognition does not stop there. As of next week you will be hearing about us on WUTK 90.3, UT’s awesome radio station. We will be sponsoring The Midnight Voyage hosted by DJ Psychonaut, Thursdays from 10PM-1AM. We will be providing gift certificates to our store for them to give away, so tune in and enjoy!