Review: Warhammer: Invasion

You know, when I sat down to play this game, I looked at the proverbial deluge of non-card cardboard attached to it – punchout barrels of treasure, special ‘fortress boards’ – and I thought, ‘Wow, this is really over the top for what’s supposed to be a card game.’

And yeah, it is. But there’s just a perverse fascination with stacking up gems and gold in the middle of your little playing mat and spending them on driving WAAAAAAAUGHing orcs up the tailpipe of your opponent’s castle. And really, isn’t that what Warhammer’s supposed to be all about?
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Review: Mouse Guard Volume 1: Fall 1152 by David Peterson

Mouse Guard Fall 1152 cover

Mouse Guard Fall 1152 cover

At Organized Play we carry the Mouse Guard RPG Handbook and the Mouse Guard Fall 1152 Graphic Novel.  Both are marvelous hard cover editions of a beautifully illustrated story.  In the graphic novel, our heroes discover traitors in their midst, one who even stole the identity of the legendary Black Axe!  Through the sizable tome our brave Guardmice must foil the traitors, battle snakes and crabs, and protect their beloved capital city. The art is realistic, which must have been difficult to maintain while drawing mice in capes battling with swords and fishhooks, and the created world is an amazing amalgamation of mouse-made goods and found human objects.  I found this book to be utterly delightful!

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