We’re Now a CGC Comics Member Dealer!

For serious comics collectors, there’s no better way to improve the value of a comics investment than to have your comic graded through the Certified Guaranty Corporation. The CGC is commonly accepted as the comics industry’s authoritative body in evaluating the condition of comics, and CGC-graded comics typically sell for multiples above non-graded comics.

So, it was important to me that we become an outlet for interested customers to submit their comics to the CGC, and I’ve finally finalized it – we’re now an Authorized Member Dealer! Since you can’t submit comics to the CGC directly, the only way to get comics graded is to submit through an authorized Internet seller, become a member of the CGC, go to a comics convention… OR through an authorized comics dealer. In addition, we’re currently the only comic book shop in Knoxville that offers this service!

I’ve got all sorts of information in the shop if you’re interested in submitting to the CGC, so just come by and ask!


Comics! and other news

So, some big announcements.
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School’s Out? How About A Kids’ Board Game?

Well, Knox County schools just closed for the day due to snow, and there’s not really enough to play in… so what to do with your afternoon? We’ve got lots of board and card games here at the store that are terrific for kids! Here’s five of my favorites for kids, each linked to their entry on BoardGameGeek to let you find out a little more about the game:

* Gulo Gulo
* Kids of Catan
* Aquarius
* Elk Fest
* Cosmic Cows

Come on down, and we’ll be happy to talk more about any of these games for you – and you’re also more than welcome to play them in our playing area (with free hot coffee, for a pretty cold day!)

Holiday Hours – REVISED!

Ed.: We’ll be open at 10 a.m. on Saturday instead of being closed until 3 p.m.! 🙂
Because both myself and Elizabeth have a big drive for the holidays (and Kevin’s got an opposing work schedule), we’re going to (sadly) be fully closed both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (Thursday, Dec. 24 and Friday, Dec. 25.) Would love to be open for your last-minute shopping, but it’s just not doable this year.

Also, we’ll be opening late (3 p.m.) the day after Christmas Day, as insurance in case road travel goes awry on our way back from the wilds of far West Tennessee.We’ll be open at our usual time on Saturday – 10 a.m.! And, we’ve been specially authorized by Wizards of the Coast to conduct Friday Night Magic on Saturday – we’ll be doing that at 7 p.m.

For New Year’s, it’s a little better. We’ll be open on New Year’s Eve until 9 p.m., and we’ll open at 3 p.m. on New Year’s Day while everyone recovers from hangovers and such. FNM for Friday will *also* be moved until Saturday at 7 p.m.

Black Friday Specials

Here’s what we promised, our list of Black Friday Specials. Some of them behoove the early bird, but everyone should be able to find something for gifts or even for themselves. Remember that we open at 9AM and the first person to spend $25 or more gets a copy of one of my favorite games for FREE! (our distributor accidentally sent us and extra one, so we’re out to spread the love).

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Lineup for New Comics Wednesday!

Like last week, here’s a list of all the comics coming in tomorrow! The highlight reel (or, really, what *I think* is the highlight reel…):

— Cowboy Ninja Viking looks fun, and it’s just starting out – it’s the story of a schizophrenic assassin (cowboy, ninja, and viking… get it?) who’s part of a secret cabal of … schizophrenic assassins. However, things have gone haywire, and now he’s out to eliminate his brethren.

— I read the Dark Reign ‘The List’ first issue of Secret Warriors, and got a pretty good kick out of the repartee between Osborn and Nick Fury. I think the one-shot Hulk will probably be even better – from the cover, it looks like Osborn’s going to be stepping and fetching…

–Big news for the Justice League – #68 starts a story arc that DC promises will end in a huge realignment of what the JLA looks like. Good stuff.

Enough ado – here’s the list!

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New Hours

In short: will be closed on Monday and on Tuesday we will be open 3PM to 11PM-ish.

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