T Shirts!

We have been approached with some interest in purchasing OP shirts.  So, let us know what you think with the poll below and the comments.

Now that you’ve voted, tell us more! What color shirt? Ink? Do you want the design on the front, back, or both?


The Local Store Premium: What makes you excited at Organized Play?

Hello! This is Elizabeth, I wanted to blog today about an article I recently read about supporting local businesses.  I would also like to use this article to start a discussion.
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2,500 Visitors!

Wow! You like us, you really like us! Or, at least, you need to check our website a whole bunch for the hours we’re open and directions to get here.  Or you’re our parents who like to check and see what the store’s doing (Hi Mom!).  No matter, yesterday we hit 2,500 visits to this humble website.  Considering we first opened our doors to all of you during Labor Day weekend, that’s only been about 7 weeks.  Not even two months!  Again, wow!

And we’re still improving.  Here are some of the things that you can look forward to in the next few weeks:

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First Friday Magic (Zombies and Zendikar!)

Wow, this Friday is going to be quite busy! There’s the Zendikar release, of course, where we’ll be having events during the wee and late hours of Friday.

Also, as we are part of the Downtown Community, we’ll be doing First Friday! We will be featuring zombi photographer Claire Tillery of Rebecca Claire Photography and digital horror artist Logan Knight of Knightman Productions . We are also featuring the fantasy collage work of Shonna Nelson. We’ll start at about 6PM and serve local milk and cookies from Cruze Farm and Immaculate Bakeries.

I hope you come and enjoy yourself!

Used Board Games…Maybe? Need Your Thoughts!

We’ve been kicking around the notion of offering used board games, as well as taking them for trade-in. There’s some good reasons to do so: Nowhere else in Knoxville does it, it provides a way for customers to trade out of old games that they’re not interested in anymore and get into something newer and exciting, and it provides a way for customers looking to buy a game to perhaps get one of the larger, more costly ones at a price that they can live with. (I’m looking at you, Descent, World of Warcraft and Twilight Imperium!)

There’s some real issues with doing it too, though – where the heck am I going to store those things? Do I have the time to do the count-through of the pieces necessary to ensure that customers get everything they buy? I’ve drawn up a draft policy for doing this, but I want your feedback – come visit our forum on KnoxGamers and take a look at the policy. After you look at it, please post! Your ideas might be the deciding factor on if we decide to do this or not!