Black Friday Discounts!

OK! Here’s our specials for tomorrow, 11/25/11. Bear with me, as it’s a little complicated. We open at noon! First, ALL non-discounted stuff in the store is 10% off, except for gift cards. But on top of that… there’s a TON of additional discounts you might qualify for. ALL of these are cumulative.
Read about them below the cut… where you might find out you can get anything in the store 45% off!
If you ‘like’ our page on Facebook (which if you’re reading this, you probably do!), add 5%. …
If you follow us on Twitter… yep, 5% more. (20% already… for not doing a whole lot at all!)
If you have a pull list with at least eight monthly ongoing titles on it… 5% more! If you’re not quite there yet, you can add them tomorrow! (At least a two month deposit will be required.)
If you have participated in the past two months in the store in a 1.) sanctioned Magic tournament, 2.) our Warhammer 40K league, 3.) our Wednesday or Saturday Heroclix games, or 4.) our Wednesday D&D Encounters or Saturday/Sunday Living Forgotten Realms D&D games… get 5% for *every one of those.* Yes, that means you could get up to *45% off* everything in the store. I know just off the top of my head a couple of folks who are at least 35% off!
 Fine print: Percentages for Magic singles – only applying to cards $50 and below – will be calculated based on tomorrow’s StarCityGames prices. If you have an existing pull list discount, the greater of the two percentages will be valid if you pick up your books tomorrow. For Heroclix singles, the percentage applies to tomorrow’s Troll & Toad pricing. You must mention every discount you qualify for at checkout, and proof may be required (though most of our bigger discounted customers we’re already aware of!) Yes, Heroclix bricks and Magic boxes are already discounted. 😛 But if you qualify for a better discount than we currently give for either (35% for Magic boxes, 20% for Heroclix bricks,) we’ll be happy to honor the deeper one!

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