Innistrad Prereleases @ Organized Play!

We’ve got two prereleases for the new Magic: the Gathering set, Innistrad, coming up, and they’re both wayyyyy different from what we’ve done before! We’re doing both a midnight prerelease – with a twist! – and a daytime Sunday prerelease that’s sure to blow you away with the prizes! Full details below the cut!

Yeah… it’s gonna happen! We’re doing our first-ever Midnight Prerelease @ Organized Play for Innistrad, and we’ve got a small prize change – for the better! – and a big twist to help make sure you get to shuffle up ASAP so you’re ready to rock out all the horrific Sealed action you can handle!

If you’re not familiar with a Prerelease, it’s your first chance to grab cards from a new set – a full WEEK before they go on sale! Th…ey’re typically a Sealed tournament, with every player receiving six booster packs of Innistrad to construct a 40-card minimum deck. In addition, everyone who enters the prerelease will receive a premium, foil double-faced rare card called Mayor of Avabruck! (who’s in our event photo!)

We’ll run this prerelease just like our typical evening prereleases – we’re only going to run four rounds, but if you win two out of the four matches, you’ll pick up an extra booster of Innistrad! If you win three, you’ll get, well, FOUR! The first bonus is a slight change to our prize structure – we’ve recently figured out that we can stay within Wizards’ guidelines for prereleases and upgrade the pack prize for the 3-1 bracket from three packs to four packs, which is hopefully a little better reward for a good tournament run!

Going on down, if you get three and a draw, you’ll get *seven* packs, and if you run the table with four wins, you get – wait for it – *10* packs!

Now, here’s the big twist. We know that it’s hard for folks to recover for Saturday action after a midnight prerelease, so we’re extremely committed to making sure this event runs on time. So much so, in fact, that Morgan’s putting his money where his mouth is – if we don’t launch the event and post pairings by 12:05 a.m. – barring technical issues with Wizards Event Reporter! – everyone signed up by midnight will receive a FREE booster pack, either of a current set OR a voucher for a pack of Innistrad post-launch. And we all know that Morgan’s a little stingy… so don’t expect that to happen!

Sunday Prerelease:

For the first time, we’re doing a full-form prerelease that’s got prizes that you won’t BELIEVE! For every entrant into our Sunday prerelease, we’re adding *five* packs a person into the prize pool, which will be concentrated in our top 8 – for only $5 more than our typical prerelease! We will be prizing out 25% of the field, or Top 8, should there be 32 or fewer participants (but we think there will be more!)

To give specifics…, here’s a sample prize distribution for 48 entrants:
1st – 25% of the prize pool – *50* booster packs, more than a box and a half!
2nd – 15% – *30* boosters!
3-4 – 10% – *20* boosters each!
5-8 – 7.5% – *15* boosters each, still nearly half a box!
8-12 – 5% – *10* boosters!

Please read the notes at the bottom of the event announcement concerning prizes.

…but wait, there’s more!

We’re proud to announce that Saint Tattoo will be sponsoring this prerelease for an extra $250 in prizes, and we’ll be randomly selecting four people from the participants who enter the drawing to receive gift certificates for $100 and $50 each for tattoo work from Knoxville’s premier tattoo shop! The guys and gals at Saint have been friends of Organized Play for a very long time, and we’re extremely happy to be able to spread the gospel about their great work! For more information about Saint Tattoo, check out

* Format and Times *

Pre-registration begins at 11 a.m., with the tournament promptly beginning at 1 p.m. in Sealed format. You’ll be provided six packs of Innistrad, and pool registration will be required, though as per prerelease special REL, you are allowed to change your deck at-will throughout the tournament between matches. One hour will be granted for deck-building and pool registration. We anticipate at least five, and most likely, six rounds of Swiss play with a Top 8 cut, so plan to stay until at least 8 p.m. for Swiss play; Top 8 will most likely not conclude until 10:30 – 11 p.m.

* Venue & Tournament Information *
Entry: $30
Organized Play
131 S Central St
Knoxville, TN 37902

Located in Knoxville’s historic downtown Old City, the venue’s easily accessible from Interstates 40 and 75.

From the north: Take I-75 south, taking the I-275 spur toward Interstate 40 and Knoxville. When you reach I-40, go east, taking exit 388-A (James White Parkway) and exiting .3 miles onto Summitt Hill Blvd. At Summitt Hill Blvd, turn right and take your first right onto Central Street. Organized Play is three doors down on the left; free parking is available along Central Street, along Willow Street (the first road to the left after turning onto Central,) or in the municipal parking underneath the overpass on Willow.

From east or west: Take I-40 approaching exit 388-A, and follow the above guidelines.

From the southeast (Maryville and close-lying areas): Take Highway 411 (Alcoa Highway) north until you reach I-40, following the above guidelines.

From the southwest (Seymour, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and anyone who braves the mountain from N.C.!): Take Highway 411/71 [Chapman Highway] towards Knoxville, making sure you take the 411 spur when it forks into Chapman Highway and Wye Drive. Due to the long-term construction project, the Chapman Highway bridge into Knoxville is closed. When you reach the bridge, detours will guide you toward the Gay Street bridge. Continue on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville approximately a mile until you reach Summitt Hill Blvd, and turn right. Turn left onto Central Street after a third of a mile and follow directions as from the north.

* Prize Distribution Notes*

Because of Wizards’ restrictions on the amount of prerelease product that can be distributed at a prerelease, you will receive two Innistrad boosters as prize on-site, immediately, for every five you win at the event. You’ll receive either a voucher for the other three boosters of Innistrad that can be turned in at our midnight release (or whenever, after release!) on Friday, September 30, OR you can select any in-stock boosters from the past two years for prize packs.

Furthermore, should we get attendance of higher than 32 at both our midnight and Sunday prereleases, we will run short of on-hand product for prizes. We reserve the right to voucher participants for Innistrad prize packs beyond the three packs a person to ensure that people who have driven long distance for the event can still participate. If we have to do this, we’ll start the vouchers from the bottom of the prize pot to the top. If you’re from more than 20 miles from Knoxville, we’ll be happy to ship your prize packs to you on Friday, Sept. 30 for a $5 fee.

See you there!


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