Warhammer 40k Escalation League Results 8/30/11

I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight for the fourth night of our third Escalation league. These are the results of tonight’s games:

Richard [Tau Empire] (3-1-0) 14
Nick [Tyranids] (3-1-0) 14
Kevin [Blood Angels] [(2-1-1) 13
Kevin L. [Grey Knights] (2-2-0) 12
Flanagan [Blood Angels] (3-0-0) 12
Troy [Imperial Guard] (1-2-1) 11
Josh [Chaos Marines] (1-2-1) 11
Michael [Dark Angels] (1-1-0) 6
Joey [Dark Angels] (1-1-0) 6
James [Grey Knights] (0-2-0) 4
Brenden [Tyranids] (1-0-0) 4
Ryan [Dark Angels] (1-0-0) 4
Leandro [Black Templars] (0-0-1) 3
E.G. [Chaos Daemons] (0-1-0) 2
Ben [?] (0-1-0) 2
Blaine [Chaos Daemons] (0-1-0) 2
Lance [Space Wolf] (0-1-0) 2
Jon [Necrons] (0-1-0) 2
Corey [Tau Empire] (0-1-0) 2

The next league night will be on September 13th. The mission will be 1850 point armies fighting a Annihilation battle with Spearhead Deployment. I hope to see you all then!


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  1. Seriously thinking I may restart my Tau army, they were so my playstyle, this grey knight stuff just ain’t exactly how I want to play em!

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