PCI Game Weekend – July 30, 31 – Slay Witches, Join a Crusade!

PCI Game Weekend focuses on two great game systems made by PCI, Witch Hunter and Arcanis. Come in and enjoy an entire weekend of gaming! Newcomers are very welcome and pregens will be provided. Signups are available at http://warhorn.net/PCIatOP/ .

Witch Hunter is an alternate 17th century swashbuckling horror RPG where you play a servant of good (call it “God” if you like, most Europeans of the time do,) fighting against the minions of the Adversary. It’s reminiscent of Robert Howard’s “Solomon Kane” stories, but it takes place in its own alternate world. If you’re a history buff, or just like 17th century culture, you’ll love this campaign. If you like horror, you’ll love this campaign. If you like swashbuckling, you’ll love this campaign. It is a d10 based system.

Come be a Lutheran Scholar or a Native American Folk Healer or an Ottoman Soldier or even a German Nanny, all fighting the forces of the Adversary.

Arcanis is a fantasy campaign that features a rich campaign world, filled with countries in political conflict, unique flavorful races and, currently, an army of Infernals (demons, devils and more) that threatens all of the people of the land! You play a hero as part of a band of heroes who will often be the tipping point in conflicts between nations, people, and the Crusade against the Infernals. It is a unique game system that uses 2d10 plus an additional attribute die (anywhere between a d4 to a d10). A more in depth review of the Core Rulebook can be found at playunplugged.com.

Come be a Coryani Human Legionnaire (similar to the real world Roman counterpart), a Hinterlander Nomad (Mongolian hunter/warrior), a Milandesian Ss’ressen Priest (a humanoid reptillian in a Fuedal type society), or even an Elonbe Elorii wizard (a nation of immortal elemental ‘elves’)


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