Warhammer 40k Escalation League Results 6/7/11

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the fourth night of the Second Warhammer 40k Escalation League!

Here is the scoreboard after tonight’s results:

Flanagan (4-0-0) 15
Joe (3-1-0) 14
Troy (2-1-1) 13
Kevin (2-2-0) 12
Michael (2-2-0) 12
Jon (1-3-0) 10

Nick (2-0-1) 9
James (0-3-1) 7
Lance (1-0-1) 6
Ryan (0-3-1) 6
Caleb (1-0-1) 5
Brandon (1-0-0) 4
Blaine (0-1-0) 2
Leandro (0-1-0) 2
Richard (0-1-0) 2
Ni (0-1-0) 1

June 21st’s mission:
The format will be 1600 point armies fighting a Seize ground battle (5 objectives) in Pitched Battle deployment. Don’t be surprised if I have some mystery objectives for a bonus point next time as well. Remember to have an army list made up and ready to go.

Hope to see you all in 2 weeks!


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