3/15/11 Warhammer 40k League Results!

Thanks again everyone for coming out fifth night of the Warhammer 40k Escalation League!

Here is the scoreboard after last night’s results:
Joe (4-1-0) 18
Kevin (3-1-1) 16
Richard (2-2-1) 15
Troy (3-2-0) 14
Dustin (3-0-0) 12
Mike H. (3-0-1) 12
Jon (0-4-1) 11
Robbie (3-0-0) 10
James (2-2-0) 10
Caleb (2-1-0) 9
Nick (1-3-0) 9
Drew (2-0-0) 8
Lance (1-3-0) 8
Alex (1-1-0) 6
Luke (0-3-0) 6
Neel (1-0-0) 3
Charlie B. (1-0-0) 3
Deb (0-2-0) 3
Chris L. (0-1-1) 3
Jake (0-1-0) 1
Matt C. (0-1-0) 1
Chris C. (0-1-0) 1
Grant (0-1-0) 1
Chris F. (0-1-0) 1

So there it is! It’s still a REALLY close race for first and with the format for the last league night, any one of the top 4 can still win the best general award.

March 29th’s mission:
This is the final night of our first league rotation! 1500 point armies in a Annihilation mission. Deployment will be pitched battle. In addition to this there will be a bonus objective handed out to each individual player that is worth 1 additional point in the league (This makes it possible for you to get FIVE points total if you win and achieve your bonus objective). Because of this, please have a typed out or at least legible copy of your army list to give to your opponent before the game begins as this may effect their mystery objective.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this league. Our next 40k league will begin on April 26th. There will be a nightly drawing for some form of a prize at each league night (It sounds like it will either be a blister or store credit), so be looking out for more information on that. Also we will be beginning a Warhammer Fantasy League on April 19th. This league will be starting in the 500ish point range so be looking out for more information on that, as well.

Hope to see you all next week! Keep in mind we will be voting for who gets best painted/sportsman on Tuesday.


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