Premium Pathfinder Campaign Beginning – 2/13/11, 6 p.m.!

At long last, we’re getting another store-sponsored, open-play Pathfinder campaign started at Organized Play! This one will be run by Jeffrey Witthauer, an award-winning RPG author who’s currently working on the Witch Hunter system for Paradigm Concepts. You’ll also notice that Jeffrey ran our highly successful Houses of the Blooded in-store campaign for its entire six-month run! Jeffrey’s using a homebrew campaign setting, and all of the pertinent info is on the campaign management Web site, EpicWords. This first session – Feb. 13, at 6 p.m. – will be dedicated to character creation, and getting a handle on the number of interested players.

So, yes, there’s this “Premium” thing I mentioned in the title. What that means is that we’re actually going to try to compensate Jeffrey for all the work he’s putting into the campaign. As such, starting in March, you’ll need to purchase $5 in store credit per session. And, yes, you can save it up, and use it to buy snacks! Trust me… for the effort that I’ve been hearing that Jeffrey’s been putting into the campaign, it’ll be worth it!


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