Warhammer 40k League 2/1/11 Results

Thanks again everyone for coming out last night for the second night of the Warhammer 40k Escalation League! We had a great turnout with 4 newcomers showing up.

Without further ado here is the scoreboard after last night’s results:
Joe (2-0-0) 8
Mike H. (2-0-0) 6
Alex (1-1-0) 6
Richard (1-1-0) 6
Lance (1-1-0) 5
Troy (1-1-0) 5
Kevin (0-1-1) 5
Jon (0-1-1) 5
James (1-1-0) 4
Drew* (1-0-0) 4
Dustin (1-0-0) 4
Nick (0-2-0) 3
Caleb* (1-0-0) 3
Robbie* (1-0-0) 3
Neel* (1-0-0) 3
Charlie B. (1-0-0) 3
Luke (0-1-0) 2
Chris L. (0-1-0) 1
Jake* (0-1-0) 1
Deb* (0-1-0) 1
Matt C.* (0-1-0) 1
Chris C.* (0-1-0) 1

So there it is! Joe is still hanging out in first place, but he hasn’t pulled away from the pack yet! Maybe you’ll be the one to bring him down! The names listed in bold are this week’s newcomers.

February 15th’s mission:
Spearhead deployment ANNIHILATION! Kill points with be awarded for each unit of your opponent’s army you destroy. The player with the most kill points at the end of the game wins.

League Rules Amendment
The reason I had everyone sign up as a specific army at the beginning of the league was so everyone would be building up a force and try to win out in the league under the same banner each meeting while gaining experience with that army. In keeping with this theme, whatever army you choose to play on the 15th is the army you will have to play throughout the remainder of the league.

I’ll see you all next time and be sure to watch out for the post about the team tournament on the 19th that should be up later today!


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