February 19th Warhammer 40k Team Tournament!

We will be hosting a Warhammer 40k Team tournament on Saturday February 19th!

Entry Fee: $15 per team ($7.50/person)
Format: 3 rounds with the winner of each round receiving 3 points, the loser receiving 1 point and draws resulting in 2 points each. There will be bonus objectives for each mission that can award an extra point per round.
Prize Structure: Store credit equal to the amount of entry fees distributed to the winners in the following fashion
Best Generals: 50%
Best Painted: 25%
Best Sports: 25%
All of these are graded by the team, so if you’re teammates army isn’t painted up, you can’t win best painted.

Army Organization: 2000 pts (1000pts/player)
Each team will share a force organization chart with each member being required to take the compulsory 1 HQ and 2 troops. Each team member may only take a maximum of 2 of each of the other choices meaning each team member’s possible choices looks like this:

1 HQ
2-4 Troops
1-2 Elites
1-2 Fast Attack
1-2 Heavy Support

If one team member takes two elites then the other may only take one (remember you are sharing a force organization chart). If you have any questions on the format feel free to contact me Tuesday and Thursday at the shop’s phone number. Space is limited so be sure to be signed up ahead of time. Thanks and I hope to see you all there!


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