Warhammer 40k Escalation League Night 1 Results! (Rules Clarifications included)

OK, so our first night is complete! I hope everyone had a good time! Obviously we had a MUCH larger turnout than we expected and we’ll have more tables by the next league night on February 1st.

How the league works is each player will be paired up to play one game that counts toward the league scoring per league night. League points are only earned through your performance in the league game with the winner getting 3 points and the loser getting 1 point. Ties result in 2 points for each player.

Painting is a factor! If your army is painted with 3 colors or more on them then you will receive these bonus points(1 point per night)! This means even if you just have the basecoats on your miniatures then you’re fine.

As far as pairings go, from here on out you will be paired against someone with the same record as you (players will be paired up against someone with a different record if no one else in their bracket shows up). So if you won tonight, on the 1st you’ll be playing someone else who won until there are no more winners left and then you’ll be playing down to someone on the next tier.

Thanks for putting up with the lack of tables/team games tonight. We’re gonna be working hard to get more tables up and running for our next meeting.

Here are the standings after Night 1, after the cut:

Joe (1-0-0) 4

Lance(1-0-0) 4

Andrew(1-0-0) 4

Alex(1-0-0) 4

Caleb(1-0-0) 3

Mike(1-0-0) 3

Robbie(1-0-0) 3

Neel(1-0-0) 3

Kevin(0-0-1) 3

Jon(0-0-1) 3

Richard(0-1-0) 2

Troy(0-1-0) 2

Jake(0-1-0) 1

James(0-1-0) 1

Deborah(0-1-0) 1

Matt C.(0-1-0) 1

Chris C.(0-1-0) 1

Nick(0-1-0) 1

So, I’ll go ahead and post what the next mission will be for the 1st. Bring a 900 pt army with which you will play a Seize Ground Mission with 3 objectives (You will not be rolling for the random D3+2 objectives). There is one modification to these rules and that is that one of the objectives MUST be placed in each players deployment zone at least 6″ from the table edge. This means there will be one objective in each player’s deployment zone and one in the center area of the table (the objectives must still be 12″ apart). The deployment will be Pitched Battle again. There is no set turn limit so you will still roll for the end of game turn as normal.

Once again, thanks for coming out tonight and we hope to see you all again in 2 weeks! Remember that there is open gaming down here any time! If we have open tables and we’re open, then you can play all you want!

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail at blaineorama@gmail.com or call up the shop (They’ll know how to get a hold of me if they need to).



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