1/21/11 – Classic Battletech Scenario “Misery” – 6:30 p.m.

Here’s the event info, courtesy of organizer Dale Thomas, for the Classic Battletech scenario being held at the store at 6:30 p.m. this Friday night. Hope to see all our ‘mech heads out!

As a reminder, Organized Play is associated with Internet Battletech superstar Exodus Road Hobbies, and as such, we have hundreds of ‘mechs in stock that are in the store, but not on general display. If you want something… just ask! We also honor ERH pricing in-store.

The Dragoons contract with the Draconis Combine has expired and its time to head out. The only problem is the Combine has other ideas….

Its late April, 3028 and the forces of Wolf’s Dragoons are heading to leave the planet Misery after their contract with the DC has expired. In order to do that they have to make their way past the forces of the Galedon Regulars and they Ryuken. It’s not going to be easy and both sides are spoiling for a fight.

This will be a battle between the recon forces of both sides. All you will need is your favorite pair of d6’s and the need for speed, well 3025 speed anyway.

The game will be at Organized Play starting around 6:30, hope to see everyone there!


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