Mirrodin Besieged Prereleases – Jan. 29 & 30, 7 p.m.!

It’s once again time to announce our Magic: the Gathering prerelease plans for the expansion set Mirrodin Besieged – our first prerelease in our new location in the Old City! If you’re not aware, the Mirrodin Besieged prerelease will be completely unique in the history of Magic: the Gathering, with players receiving special booster packs based on which “faction” they choose – Phyrexia or the Mirrans. That’s not the only difference – the prerelease card you receive will also be based on this choice. You’ll either receive Hero of Bladehold – for choosing Mirran – or Glissa, the Traitor, for Phyrexians. Since we have two prereleases… that means that you can do one as a Phyrexian invader, and the other as a noble Mirran defender (and pick up both!) Both cards are exciting, but the buzz about Hero of Bladehold’s tournament playability is particularly strong. Note that we will endeavor to fulfill everyone’s requests for which faction they want, but ultimately, it’ll be limited by our available supply of faction boosters.

For the actual tournament structure, we’ll be doing our usual plan: $25 flat entry, with four rounds of Swiss Sealed play after one hour of deckbuilding time (as usual, we’ll supply the lands.) For your entry fee, you’ll get three Mirrodin Besieged faction booster packs and three Scars of Mirrodin (the norm for a second small set release.) If you go 2-2 – just win as much as you lose! – you’ll receive one prize booster. Go 3-1, you’ll receive three. If you end up 3-1 with a draw, you’ll get seven boosters… and if you win out at 4-0, you’ll get a whopping TEN! As usual, we’ll have folks on hand to answer rules questions and the like, and we’ll also have used (read: cheap) 40-packs of sleeves for your decks.

In addition, all weekend, we’ll conduct on-demand $14 drafts for Besieged, with the format being SOM/BSE/BSE. Note that you’ll only get a prerelease card for a draft if you did not receive one for one of the Sealed main events. While they are typically on-demand, the best times to catch drafts are typically after the second round of Sealed play and also immediately after the main events.


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