WH40K Escalation Battleforce Buy-In!

As a way to help get folks into the Warhammer hobby, we’ve got a very special deal for those interested in signing up for our 40K Escalation League. Normally, a Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce – which contains a large number of figures at an already discounted rate for an army – costs anywhere between $90 and $105 before sales tax. To help you out with this big cost right at the holidays, we’re going to do not only 20% off of the Battleforce – but, as long as you commit to using the Battleforce for our Escalation League, the sale is non-taxable as it’s for event materials.

Now, folks might say, “Well, won’t people just sign up for it to get the discount and then not show up?” And you might be right… except that the first eight people to do the Battleforce Buy-In will receive a *free* $18 or less WH40K blister pack associated with their army just for participating in our first official 40K Escalation night on Jan. 4! All you do is specify the blister you want from the Games Workshop catalog when you place your Battleforce order and you’ll receive it as a participation prize on the first night! This is a great way to get the first points bump for the Jan. 18 session for free!

A couple of notes: All participants must pre-pay for the Battleforce Buy-In, and you’ll receive your Battleforce roughly three days to a week after placing your order. Because of holiday shipping delays, I highly recommend you get your order in by Dec. 15. Getting it in by that time also will give you a full two weeks to paint your army before the first session.


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