December HeroClix Schedule – DC 75th Anniversary Launch Party!

In December, we’ll be playing for three straight weeks: the 4th, 11th and 18th, with a noon start time for each event. As I understand from our organizer, the 4th and 11th will be Constructed events, and on the 18th, we’ll be doing a Sealed event as a launch party for the DC 75th Anniversary set – which releases Wednesday, Dec. 15 – with a flat $20 entry for the event. You’ll receive two boosters from which to construct your team, with a “mulligan” rule in effect if you want to purchase another booster to replace one you don’t like.

In case you’re curious, we’ll be receiving the maximum number of *3* LE prize kits, and for the launch, we have a special price of $185 per case, $95 per brick (which will rise to $190/$99 a week after launch.) I anticipate that there will be enough LEs for everyone, and we typically prize out a good number of LEs for every event (and make sure that everyone has a chance to get at least some of them.)


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