Finally… We Have MOVED to the Old City! 10/26/10

As of last week, we’ve finished the move over to the Old City! Yes, I know you want a grand reopening, but there’s a certain product line I want to get in the shop before we do that. When we do… It’ll be cool. Promise.

Here’s the highlight reel of what we have at 131 S. Central Street, to the left of the courtyard of the Crown & Goose:

* A better ‘box’ layout for the store that will increase room for stock as well as room for miniatures gaming.
* Extra square-footage in general, including a sizable covered, fenced patio that should be comfortably usable for gaming 9 months out of the year. The non-patio space, fyi, is more square footage than the existing space I’m in.
* A gently segregated gaming space that isn’t completely shut off from the main retail floor, but enough to reduce the sales floor hubbub in it.
* The gaming space comfortably fits 4-5 horizontal tables.
* Much more prominent retail front.
* A better-than-even chance that we’ll start opening on Mondays, and also be open at an actual reasonable time on Tuesdays. Dependent on how the first couple of months go, we may even start opening earlier.
* No Quest to the Peak of the Hill of Doom to grind through before entering the shop. All questing will now incur inside the store, rather than on your approach. Should we have another two-inch sheet of ice during a Magic prerelease, this should make attending it significantly safer. The shop is now comfortably on a flood plain…
* Yes, I left this for last. Parking. Free parking. All the free parking you could dream or fantasize of within a half block of the store.

Now, here’s some things about the Old City that you might not know if you haven’t been down there in a while:
* It’s way, way better off than it was 3+ years ago. There’s places such as the Crown & Goose, the Blue Slip Winery and others that have improved the general look and feel of the area compared to several years ago.
* Yes, there’s a lot of drinking and partying in the area on Fri/Sat. nights. However, the new location is a half block away from the ‘party’ portion of the Old City, and that half a block makes a *ton* of difference in the sobriety/amount of foot traffic that passes by the store later at night – almost all of the non-sober traffic routes to the parking area beneath the overpass on the Barley’s side, and not anywhere close to my store. Trust me, I’ve done, er, ‘field studies’.

I’m looking at all sorts of other fun stuff to do as part of the Old City – once we get the move completed, I’ll have a little more mindspace to work on such things. Stay tuned… and, by the way, thanks for allowing us to play games and have fun for a year, Knoxville. 🙂




  1. yay for moving and stuff.

  2. Congratulations! Hope your next year is even better.

  3. Congrats on the new place! Morgan, you and Organized Play are the Gaming Heart of K-Town and the surrounding area! Wishing you nothing but the best and vowing my support of you and your store!

  4. Congrats on the move. I never really had a problem with the old spot though. Knoxvillians will walk ten miles from a partking lot to the back of a Walmart and complain about a two block walk downtown.

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