Grand Prix – Nashville Trial – Sunday, October 3, 1 p.m. – Sealed, $25

We’ve been selected again to hold a Grand Prix Trial, except this time, it’s for Nashville! It’ll be Swiss format with a cut to Top 8, and we’ll have a complimentary booster draft for the Top 8. Since the format for GP-Nashville is Day 1 Sealed/Day 2 Booster Draft, we’re going to be conducting it in Sealed format on Sunday, October 3 at 1 p.m., with TWO BOXES of guaranteed prize support up to 16 players including a full box to the winner – beyond that, we’ll be adding two packs per person to the prize pool.

In addition, the winner will receive a three-round bye to Grand Prix – Nashville – and, with U.S. Grand Prixs regularly topping 1,000 in attendance with ten rounds of play, those three byes are more important than ever to make the Day 2 cut! For example, if there are ten rounds, you only have to go 5-2 instead of 8-2 on the day! Furthermore, if we have more than 32 participants, we’ll be able to award two three-round byes to participants!

As with all Grand Prix Trials, we’ll have a Level 1 judge on hand – Jason Flatford. We’ll be open at 10 a.m. For an early draft of Scars, and also to take registration. Pool registration will be required, and we’ll have checklists onhand to streamline the process.

Prize payout schedule:

1st : A full box of Scars of Mirrodin
2nd : 10 booster packs of Scars of Mirrodin
3-4: 6 booster packs of Scars of Mirrodin
5-8: 3 booster packs of Scars of Mirrodin


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