Midnight Draft FNM This Friday! – 12:01 a.m., 9/24/10 – Plus, a Bounty…

Since I know a lot of people attend local midnight prereleases – which I don’t do because I’m not man enough to work a Saturday prerelease on three hours of sleep anymore – we’re going to change up FNM for this week. We’re going to hold it in draft format at midnight on Thursday night/Friday wayyyy early a.m. 12:01 a.m. Friday. That make sense? It’ll be $14 as usual, but to spice it up a bit we’re going to add an extra pack per person to the prize pool for a 10/6/2/2 payout format! (As such, you’ll need to provide six packs if you want to buy in with packs)

Finally, it’s no secret that I usually attend a local midnight prerelease at every new Magic release. This time won’t be any different… and I’m putting a one-pack bounty on my head for every game I lose if you play me and my undoubtedly amazing Sealed pool! I’ll be happy to take on any challengers for the bounty if I have time between rounds, and as usual… the offer to have a feature match with the organizer/owner of the midnight prerelease venue always stands!


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