Lady Evangeline’s Spring Party – Houses of the Blooded LARP – 9/19/10

It’s time for the second Houses of the Blooded live-action roleplaying session – and if you missed our first one last month, it was certainly eventful! Betrayal, romance and murder most foul… so let’s do it again! This time, it’s the Spring Party for the Houses of the Blooded players, and that means romance will certainly be in the air! As with all of the HotB LARPs, it’s a great time to come and try out the game – it’s only a four hour session, and it is comparatively to other LARPs a less-intensive experience from a costuming and game knowledge perspective. It’ll be held at 6 p.m.; if you want to create a new character, show up between 5 and 5:30!


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  1. Morgan,

    I’m going to try to get Aaron and a few people together for 3rd Thursday on the 16th (always assuming you’re still doing that 🙂 ).


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