XRoads I – Knoxville’s First Battletech Con – Now With Actual Details, and an Extra Day!

We’ve finished up the programming and scenario work for XRoads I, and I’ve got to admit, I’m really excited about what our facilitator team (Brandy, Dale and Exodus Road President James Herbert) have come up with! Instead of just one day – September 18 – we’re expanding it to TWO days with different themes for each day. We’ll have tons of Exodus Road Hobbies merch on hand for everyone who needs a Battletech fix, and players both new and old are welcomed! While each day is a single scenario, the facilitators can handle multiple tables – so don’t worry about not having a spot.

If you’re coming from out of town, feel free to call down to the store for hotel / restaurant recommendations! Full programming list below the cut!

Saturday: Twilight of the Clans 10 a.m. til’ Midnight (or later!)

“The brave warriors of Task Force Serpent secretly made the thousand-light-year journey to the Smoke Jaguar home world of Huntress to eliminate the last of the Clan’s holdings. What they find there will test the limits of their skills, their endurance and their loyalty.”

Twilight of the Clans will be played using a combination of quick-strike rules and traditional Battletech rules. All players from complete novices to 20-year veterans are welcome.

Sunday: Jihad Hot Spots: The Battle for Terra – Noon to 6pm

“For more than ten years, the Word of Blake’s Jihad has engulfed the states of the Inner Sphere and the invading Clans in chaos and fire. Reeling from attacks on all fronts, realms have fought one another while the Word’s masters built a powerful Protectorate around humanity’s home: Terra. But with the rise of a resourceful rebel leader, Devlin Stone, the collective might of the Great Houses and rival Clans have united for an all-out assault against the Protectorate—one that can only end when humanity’s home is free once again!”

The Battle for Terra will be played in a similar format as the Twilight of the Clans. As always all players are welcome.


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