From the Vault: Relics – How We’re Doing It!

We will have *14* copies of From the Vault: Relics for open sale when they come on sale Aug. 27. Every retailer in the world can only get 8 or 18 copies of the boxed set, and we’re fortunate enough to have the higher amount!

Unfortunately, the extreme rarity of the set has caused some extremely inflated prices for the set – just look at what they pre-sell for on eBay – and I don’t feel right hitting people with that big of an upcharge. So here’s what we’re going to do:

Everyone who plays in a paid Magic: the Gathering event at Organized Play until August 25 will receive an entry *if they want* into a raffle for a pre-order of FtV: Relics. You can also get a ticket for every $25 you spend on Magic: the Gathering singles, sealed product, and supplies! (not counting store credit) We’ll be selling the set for $49.99 – less than HALF of the current going rate for pre-sale. I fully expect the demand for the set to far outstrip the supply, and I know that there are several people who want multiple copies. So, I figure those folks who support the store in many ways – not just spending the most money, or able to be here at midnight on release night – should get a shot at the set. At the same time, we have a lot of customers who support the store that can’t make it out to our later-night events – so I wanted to include them as well.

We’ll have the spreadsheet up for tabulating the raffle tickets starting today, so start coming out! By the by, we’ve been drafting most evenings around 7 or 8 – if you’re interested in a draft outside of our usual Thursday or FNM drafts, just give us a call around then!


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