Magic 2011 Game Day – Aug. 14, 8 p.m. – FREE – With a VERY Special First Prize!

We’re again hosting the traditional Game Day for Magic: the Gathering at the shop on August 14 at 8 p.m., which has exclusive promotional foil cards provided by Wizards of the Coast! This year, every participant in this free event will receive a Liliana’s Specter full-art card, and every player who makes Top 8 in standings after four rounds of play will receive a Mitotic Slime foil full-art card!

…but we’re going to throw in something special this time around to reward the top winner of the event! The first place winner will receive a voucher for a copy of From the Vault: Relics for FREE when it releases on August 27! If you’ve checked the eBay listings for the boxed set, you’ll see that FtV: Relics currently sells for more than $100 on pre-order!

As with all Game Days, they’re intended to feature the state of Standard play, so bring down your Standard-legal Constructed deck and have fun!

(And, just so you know, no, we won’t be selling it for $100 or anything approaching that.)


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