Dark Sun Gameday – 4th Edition D&D – Saturday, Aug. 21!

We’ve just gotten the materials in for the Dark Sun Gameday for Aug. 21, and it looks like a ton of fun! If you’re not familiar with Gamedays, they’re special adventures only available to play at brick and mortar hobby retailers to celebrate the launch of an associated product – in this case, the Dark Sun Campaign Setting! The adventure for this session will be The Lost Cistern of Aravek, designed for 4th level characters. If you don’t have a copy of the DSCS to make a character with… that’s fine! The adventure comes with six pre-generated characters that are designed to be balanced for the adventure. Please, help us get an accurate count of the DM staff needed for the event, and
sign up for the event on our Warhorn page!

(By the way, if the idea of finding a cistern doesn’t sound that adventurous, remember that water is an incredibly valuable resource in the Dark Sun setting. Anything having to do with water will have no shortage of political intrigue and straight-up martial conflict!)

In case you’re curious, I’ve put a list of the pregenerated characters below the cut!

Here’s a list of the characters available:

* Kuori, a Goliath Barbarian with a huge hammer!
* Bost, a Mul Fighter (with a splash of psionic power!)
* Tomas, a Human Warlock in service to the Templars!
* Dai’Lo, a nomadic Halfling Ardent!
* Whispereve, a wandering trader (who’s also an Eldarin monk!)

Finally, it wouldn’t be Athas if there weren’t a…

* Tak’Tha, a Thri-Kreen Seeker with priestly abilities!


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