New Products @ Organized Play – Week of 7/16/10

We’ve gotten in a lot of cool new stuff this week at OP, and I wanted to list a few of the neat things we’ve picked up:

* The new Voltron Miniatures Game, which is completely compatible with Monsterpocalypse! Our MonPoc fans – that play almost every Saturday night down here – are really excited about the boxed set, which contains two full armies that can be used for MonsterPocalypse! It’s a great way to get introduced to the game, especially as the included map has helpful reminders about the game mechanics! If you’re a Voltron fan, and you like Godzilla-style action, this is absolutely the perfect set for you (and if you know someone like that, the perfect gift!)

* Magic 2011 booster boxes (94.99), Fat Packs (34.99) and Intro Packs! The reviews are in on Magic 2011, and everyone’s in love with the massive Titans and high-quality rares in this set! It looks like Primeval Titan is going to be the chase rare of the set, with a price tag already close to $30! Magic financial analysts at have run the numbers, and based on common selling prices, you actually get more value out of a pack of Magic 2011 than the cost of the pack! It’s a solid set from top to bottom, and I’m excited to have plenty of it in stock for local players!

* The new expansion for Smallworld, as well as the two previous expansions for the game!

* Restocks on some of the D&D Fourth Edition rulebooks – we continue to carry almost every 4th Edition rulebook printed to date!

* If you’re a Battletech fan, we’ll have some of the new IronWind Metals releases in the store this weekend – just ask to see them! Come next week, they’ll be headed over to Exodus Road.


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