M11 Prerelease – Sat., July 10 and Sun., July 11! – 7 p.m., $25

Here it is – our plans for the Magic 2011 prerelease! We’ll be conducting this prerelease much like we have the past two – we’ll be starting at 7 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, and playing four rounds of Sealed with the Magic 2011 cards a week before they’re released to the general market! For those not familiar with Sealed, it’s a great way to play Magic without having to have a $300 (or more) deck – you come by, pay $25 and receive 6 booster packs from which to make your own deck (and we provide the lands!) Since $25 includes tax, it’s actually CHEAPER than just buying six packs, and you can get some awesome prizes! Our prize lineup is as such:

If you win as many games as you lose – 2-2 or 2-1-1 – you’ll get a free pack!
If you win three, drop one, you’ll get THREE free packs!
If you win three games and get to the final round – and you and your opponent don’t want to take a chance – you can both take home SEVEN free packs! (in other words, a record of 3-1-1)
Finally, if you win all four games, you’ll be bringing in TEN free packs – between those and your Sealed pool, you’ll have nearly HALF A BOX of Magic 2011 for $25!

The only substantial change this time from our previous prereleases is that Wizards of the Coast will now allow us to use extra packs of M11 to hold -another- prerelease! If we happen to have enough left, and me or Kevin can stay awake, we’ll hold another prerelease immediately after our 7 p.m. ones. Yes, that means we’ll be here pretty late…

By the way, if you didn’t know, the FREE card you get just for attending the prerelease this time is called Sun Titan. Mike Flores talks about it extensively here, and it represents both a card that will have a decent price tag going forward AND a card that will be very, very playable in EDH formats (and possibly Standard!)


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