Archenemy Launch Party! 6/19/10

A little short notice, but we’re going to be hosting an Archenemy Launch Party this Saturday at 7 p.m.! Archenemy is Magic: the Gathering’s latest multiplayer format, where one person plays the part of an evil overlord – the overlord drawing a card, playing first, and having 40 life – and multiple other players attempt to destroy them! There’s an AMAZING promotional card just for purchasing an Archenemy deck at the Launch Party – it allows the Archenemy to set THREE of his or her evil plots in motion instead of just one! The gameplay in Archenemy, by the way, is remarkably similar to the “raid decks” for the World of Warcraft TCG… the “boss” has a special stack of cards that provides benefits to him and crushing defeats to his enemies!

The decks – there’s four of them – are $19.99 each, and if you want all four, it’ll just be $65 – a savings of $15! There’s AMAZING cards in these decks as well, perfect for EDH decks – here’s a full list. Here’s some of the notables, particularly the ones that sell as singles for $3 or more:

* Path to Exile
* Chameleon Colossus
* Master Transmuter
* Memnarch
* Sundering Titan
* Lodestone Golem
* Taurean Mauler
* Thran Dynamo
* Avatar of Discord
* Avatar of Woe
* Primal Command


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