Free RPG Day – June 19!

Free RPG Day’s only two weeks away, so it’s time to start mustering up some games! Honestly, it’s probably past time, but OpieCon had me busy…

If you’re not familiar with Free RPG Day, it’s a four-year-old initiative to get more great game systems in player’s hands! There’s a huge variety of systems available to check out, and there’s no question it’s gonna be a blast! Here’s the full list of participating publishers and offerings! Did I mention that Organized Play is the ONLY store within 75 miles that will be participating in Free RPG Day? (No, I don’t think I did!)

Now, it’s not quite like Free Comic Book Day; I don’t get as many products and, to be frank, it costs me more per item than FCBD does. So, we’re limiting the number of free copies you can get to *two*. There’s some, by the way, that I only get sent single copies of… so it’ll pay to get here early! (We’re going to raffle the dice towers away, since they’re pretty snazzy.)

“But, Morgan, I really really really want three!” Well, sure! You can have three! BUT, you’ve got to commit to running a game by signing up for it on my Warhorn site and sending me an e-mail about which Free RPG Day game you want to run. Then you’ll be able to get a third one… RIGHT NOW! Yes, if you’ll run a game for me on Free RPG Day, you can come on down to the shop and pick out the adventure/system you want to run two weeks before they’re released!

I’m super excited about this, by the way. I think it’ll be a great way to expose new players to RPG games, and a great way to take our existing players and get them to try out a system they may never have thought about in the first place. Hope to see you there!



  1. Not prepared to run an RP Saturday, (work keeping me far too busy) but I’ll play anything. See you all there.

  2. If there is any interest in the L5r 4th edition or Warhammer 40K I can run them. Just e-mail me the details (I sent it this way because the e-mail link doesn’t appear to be working).

  3. Hey,

    I’m the guy from Atlanta who came by on Free RPG Day. I checked with my friends but none of them managed to make it to Titan Games for the festivities there. Sorry I couldn’t give more help on that front.

    On a different subject I was talking to a couple of the guys who run games there outside before you got there about Masterplan a Campaign planning software for 4e.

    Here is the website for it. Check it out it is AWESOME.

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