Grand Prix Trial Columbus – FREE Half-Case! – June 26, Noon!

We’re hosting our first (of, hopefully, many!) Premiere tournament for Magic: the Gathering on June 26! It’s going to be a Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix: Columbus that’s in Columbus, OH, July 31-Aug. 1. What’s a Grand Prix Trial? It’s an event where the winner (or first and second, if we get more than 32… which I think we will!) get a three-round bye at the Grand Prix, making the odds of making Day 2 at the Grand Prix much better.

Now, the format for the GP – and thus all of the trials – is Legacy. I’m well aware that it’s really hard for a lot of our local playerbase to get a hold of the cards for Legacy, so I’ve decided to do something pretty unprecedented for around here – we’re going to give away a full half case (three boxes!) of Rise of the Eldrazi (or Zendikar, or Worldwake…) for FREE to participants! That’s right… no entry whatsoever! We’ll be giving pack prizes all the way to 18th place, so even if you don’t have the perfect deck for Legacy, you’ve got a great shot at getting something!

For a detour into why I would do this, along with the rest of the tournament details, that’s all below the cut!

Why in the world would I do that? Well, I recognize that a lot of folks don’t want to pay their hard-earned money to get into an event with a format where the lack of availability / high cost of cards means they’re going to have a tough time bringing home any sort of prize. But it’s free… so bring down that Standard deck! Bring down that Extended deck! Heck, bring down that EDH deck! Bring down anything you can frickin’ imagine because Legacy involves almost every card in the history of M:tG – there’s only 62 cards in the 12,000+ Magic cards ever printed that aren’t allowed in the format! (here’s the list of them, if you’re curious)

Here’s the full prize breakdown:

First place: A full box + a three-round bye to GP: Columbus!
Second place: 18 packs + a three-round bye, IF we have 32 or more people!
Third and fourth place: 9 packs!
Fifth – eighth place: 6 packs!
Ninth – 12th: Two packs each!
13th – 18th: One pack!

Deck registration – yes, it’s required! – begins at 10 a.m., we’ll start the first round promptly at noon. (It’s a free tournament, so don’t expect us to wait around for you!) Level 1 judge Jason Flatford will serve as our Head Judge, and we’ll have additional space available in case we have overflow.


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