EDH Tournament and League Kickoff – POSTPONED – Now May *8*, 8 p.m.!

Edit: We’re pushing back the EDH Tournament and League Kickoff by one week to give folks who want to go down to the Star City Games 5K in Atlanta a chance to play – that’ll affect the Saturday tournament schedule as follows: Grand Melee on May 15, Deck Builder’s Toolkit Sealed on May 21, Sealed on May 28.

I’ve been working on getting folks signed up for our Elder Dragon Highlander League, and I figured the best way to do it is have a League Kickoff Party – the night of Free Comic Book Day! – and also the first of our rotating Saturday tournament schedule. As with most of our tournaments here, entry will be $5, and the first-place winner will receive… OW! OWWWWWW! It burns! You see that Niv Mizzet down there?

That’s an altered card done by renowned Magic: the Gathering altered artist house CardKitty.com! Anyhow, the winner will get their general professionally altered by CardKitty.com to specifications of their choice. Check out their gallery for what they can do – it’s truly amazing, and people have even entrusted Moxen and Black Lotus to the artists there for alteration!

Niv Mizzet

Niv Mizzet partial alter, courtesy CardKitty.com

For tournament format details – and the rest of the prizes – check below the cut!

This will be a multi-format tournament, with both a multiplayer and a dueling component, with DragonHighlander.net’s rules for deck construction and play. All records in the tournament, by the way, will go toward your Elder Dragon Highlander League standing, if you’re a member! The tournament will start with a multiplayer ‘Chaos’ game, with each table seating between four and six players. The longer you survive in the multiplayer game, the more points you accumulate – one for each knocked out player. So, for example, in a six player game, the last person standing will have five points! Important: If there are an uneven number of players at the table – say, there’s five at one table and six at another – the five-player table will receive a one point ‘bye’ (so, the last place finisher will receive one point.)

After the Chaos round, there will be three Swiss rounds of dueling, with each win contributing two points. The same deck for multiplayer must be used for dueling. Because of the open-entry nature of the tournament and league, there is no ‘exclusive general’ rule.

Finally, we’ll have more prizes than just the big one! First place receives the alteration of their choice of their general, but can also opt to take 50 percent of the entry fee pot in store credit. Second place will receive 25 percent of the pot; third and fourth place will receive 12.5 percent. Look forward to seeing you there!


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