Magic: the Gathering $500 Cash Tournament – 4/10/10!

Why don’t I just start with the prizes for this $20 Standard format Magic: the Gathering tournament we’re gonna do on April 10?

1st Place – $200 cash
2nd Place – $100 cash
3rd & 4th Place – $50 cash
5th – 8th Place – $25 cash

…I think you’ll want to read more!

As in the above, for the first time, we’re running a pure CASH tourney for M:tG! Tired of driving six hours to a 5K and facing a nearly 700-person field to get into 16 spots of money? Well, we’re going to give you much better odds of taking home some cash!

Much like the Fetchland Tournaments, this will be judged by local L1 judge Jason Flatford. We’ll be opening up registration at 10 a.m. on April 10, with deck registration *required*. We’ll be running at Competitive REL with 24K impact on rating, so expect deck checks, and a high level and consistency of enforcement.

Since we’re upping the prize pool, we’re also expecting to up attendance – so we’ll have a couple of ancillary options to expand into if we have more turnout than space. In addition, I plan to run side events beginning after the conclusion of the third round, including drafts and Standard tournaments.


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