Oh… By the Way… PHB 3 is ON SALE!

Forgot to post this earlier, but we’re now selling Player’s Handbook 3 – 11 days before its official street date!

Player's Handbook 3!

Wizards of the Coast has a new program that rewards retailers who hold events for their products on a consistent basis, and now we’re the only place (to my knowledge) in Knoxville that’s able to sell their books 11 days before street date! We’ll be doing this for all their new releases, so if you want your Player’s Handbooks – and all your D&D handbooks – quicker than any other source, come on by! Remember, on March 20th, we’ve got Worldwide Gameday where we’ll have pre-generated characters and all sorts of D&D swag to celebrate the new release!

(oh, yeah, and the runepriest is totally sweet 🙂 )


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