Looking for a League Commissioner! (and save some cash!)

One of the games at the shop that’s always caught my eye has been Grind, a game released last December by Privateer Press that takes the Warmachine universe to the far-future gridiron in a game that plays much like old-school Blood Bowl. Now, there hasn’t been much interest in it here, but I’m hoping that could change with the new league – the XGL. (More info about the league is here.

To get league play started of Grind, I’d like to make the following deal with someone:

* If you get four players interested in a league of Grind, and are willing to act as the League Commissioner (organizing the tournaments and the nights) – and you get us in the organized League play by the deadline o March 15 – I’ll give you a copy of Grind at half off.

* If you get eight people interested in a league of Grind, and the league meets for at least two months of sessions, I’ll give you the remainder of the cost of Grind in cash ($35!) to make it totally free!

* If you don’t want to do any of that commissioner jazz, but you’d still like to play, there’s something for you, too! If you buy a copy of Grind and show up for at least three League sessions, I’ll give you an Organized Play gift certificate for $20!

Hit me up in the comments thread or shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested!


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