Settlers of Catan Tournament – Sunday, March 14, 2 p.m.

We’ve been trying to make Sundays a locus for board gamers in the area, and rather than do another Shrink Wrap Sunday on March 14, I thought we’d try something new – a board game tournament! And not just any board game – we’re going to do Settlers of Catan, a perennial classic with a lot of fans. Here’s how it’s going to work, assuming we have less than 16 players. If we have more than 16, it’ll run slightly differently, which is posted below the rules. Full details below the cut!

The entry fee will be $5, with the prize being the pot in store credit divided two-thirds to the winner, one-third to second place. I’ll divide all players into pods of three and four each; we’ll try for as many pods of four players as possible before dividing into three. Each pod will have a 90-minute time limit, at which time the player with the most victory points will win. The winner of each pod, if we have three or four tables, will advance to the final table. If there are only two pods, first and second will advance; in the case of one table, that will count as the final table.

We’ll be using the expanded rules from the Worldwide Catan Championships, here they are:

2.1 The turn of a player starts with throwing the dice, but a development card may be played before that.
2.2 It is not permitted to build a road beyond a settlement (or city) of another player.
2.3 It is possible to upgrade a settlement to a city in the same turn it was built. To do that the player of
course cannot have five settlements on the board before building the settlement he wants to upgrade.
2.4 If a player buys a development card with a victory point on it, the player may immediately reveal it if this is
the player’s tenth victory point to win the game. This is just possible with development cards that have a
victory point printed on it. It is not allowed to immediately play a soldier/knight even if this would
mean to get the largest army and win the game – the player still has to wait until his next turn before
he can play the soldier/knight.
2.5 There is no distinction between the trade and building phase.
2.6 A harbour may be used in the same turn it was built.
2.7 A player has won as soon as 10 or more victory points are acquired(although only 10 will be counted for
the ranking) and it is the player’s turn. If the player does not notice, then the player has to wait until the next turn before the game can be won.
2.8 If there are not enough resource cards of one kind to give every player the resource cards each player should
get after rolling the dice, then nobody will receive a card of this kind. The other resource cards are
handed out to the players as usual.

Now, if we have more than 16 players, obviously this will run slightly differently, as it’ll need to be more than two rounds. In that case, we’ll cut last place and third place as necessary to make four tables in the second round. In addition, if we have more than 16, the prize structure for the last table will run slightly differently – third and fourth place will each get 15 percent of the pot; second place will get 25 percent of the pot, and first place will get the remaining 45 percent of the pot (I figure if you’re playing three straight games of Catan, you deserve to get something!

Finally, I’ll give a $1 entry discount to anyone who brings their own copy of 4th Edition Settlers of Catan, but the pot will remain as if you had contributed $5!


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