Fetchland Tournament NOT MOVING – Still 3/6, Noon!

Hey folks – just wanted to let you know that the feedback that I’ve gotten via text/Twitter/poll/e-mail has indicated to me that it’s just too short notice to move the Fetchland Tournament at this date, as people have already requested off of work and made plans to attend. So, we’ll continue with the tournament as planned. I’m sorry for those of you who wanted to attend both Worldwake MGD and the tourney – I scheduled the tourney literally two days before MGD’s date was announced. In the future, I’ll look on what Wizards’ traditional timing for MGD has been and try to plan around its suspected date. Ultimately, I’d rather be consistent with what we tell people we’re going to do – and lose attendance to another event – rather than gain a reputation of changing events at short notice.

All that said, it looks like we’ll have very strong attendance at this second iteration of the Fetchland tournament, and it should be a lot of fun! If you missed the first one, check out the link – we’re giving away nearly $750 in Standard and Block format-staple cards, and with less and less Zendikar being opened, they’re going to do nothing but increase in value!



  1. Might be driving down from KY for this. 3-5 of us. Gonna be fun.

    • Awesome! Would love to see ya’ll down! 🙂

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