Quick Poll – Move the Fetchland Tourney Date?

We’ve been hearing from several of our Magic players that they’d like the opportunity to play in Magic Game Day (which we’re not qualified for… yet!), which is on March 6, the same date as our Fetchland Tournament. So, I’m putting up a poll – which I’d like to close tomorrow – to see if the majority of people would prefer that I move the date of the tournament to the next day, March 7. Get those results in quick, as I need time to get the word out if we move it!



  1. The seventh would be more ideal for me, but if it does switch I need to know to get the day off.

  2. Has this been moved back a day? I need to know as I have already planned out my weekend around this and I will be unable to come from Greeneville for this tournament if its been moved to sunday due to my work schedule. I have another guy that may be potentially coming with me also depending on fixing his work schedule or not.

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