Malifaux is Coming!

As you all no doubt know, I’ve been trying to find the miniatures game that ‘fits’ with what we do here – we don’t have huge tables, and we don’t have racks upon racks of wallspace for games with larger lines. Happily, I think I’ve found my Fair Miniatures Maiden (no, Battletech, I’m not cheating on you, I promise…). Let me introduce you to Malifaux!

It’s a Gothic/steampunk/horror -themed miniatures ‘skirmish’ game released last August, and it’s already picked up a lot of local and national play! What makes Malifaux great is that unlike a lot of miniatures games on the market, the investment to play Malifaux is relatively small… a rulebook, one box set and a deck of playing cards are all you need – well under $100!

More Malifaux goodness below the cut!

As I said earlier, Malifaux’s a ‘skirmish’ game. That means that most games are played with between five and seven figures on the playing field, so the game only requires a 3×3 area to play! Like Warmachine, each player has a ‘hero’ character who has access to spells and abilities unique to its faction, but there’s some very important differences – first and foremost, Malifaux’s played not with action cards or dice, but with a normal deck of playing cards! Every round, a player draws a ‘hand’ of cards and can activate abilities/take actions based on their cards in hand and flipped on the board.

Another thing I love about Malifaux is that the figures are straight-up gorgeous. Here’s a demo video of the game:

We’ll be getting the full line of Malifaux box sets in on Tuesday – that’s tomorrow, and that’s also *14* of them! All you’ll need to get started are the box sets, a rulebook (which we’re also getting) and playing cards (which, yeah, we’re also getting!) In the near future, we’ll have a public demo day for people to try Malifaux out – keep an eye on the Web site!


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