Pro Tour & Pizza! – Sunday, 2/21/10 – 1:30 p.m.

We’ve done several things with showing videos in the store in the past, so I thought we’d try something new for Sunday – showing the Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour: San Diego in the store starting at 1:45 p.m.! If you’re not familiar with the Pro Tour, it’s an invitation-only tournament sponsored by Wizards of the Coast that gives out large cash prizes to the winner. It’s called the Pro Tour because, simply, there’s a few people who literally make their living playing Magic and scooping up big cash prizes!

For every Pro Tour, there’s always a Webcast of the last 8 participants in each competition, and I’ll be hooking up our A/V to show the Webcast in the shop – AND, I’ll be providing *free pizza!* (while it lasts) In addition, the Pro Tour format’s going to be Standard, so you’ll get to see the latest innovations by the highest level Magic players on the planet! Hope to see you out!


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  1. Man I wish I was in town for this sounds awesome

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