Elder Dragon Highlander League Starting in March!

Elder Dragon Highlander (or, as it’s usually called, EDH) is a really popular casual format for Magic: the Gathering right now, and I’ve been working on a way to encourage EDH play in the store, while not necessarily doing so in a tournament format – as many EDH players actually play EDH to avoid hardcore competitive tournaments! (If you want to know more about EDH, check out the EDH home page.)

So, we’re going to start monthly league play – beginning March 1 – for EDH, and it’s just $5 a month in dues! This means you can come in any time with your friends and sit down for a multiplayer game, and gain league points – or just come in and do a couple of duels! In addition, Thursday nights starting at 6 p.m. will be the official league night for EDH – you’ll get bonus points for participating on Thursdays, and any league member gets 10 percent off of Magic: the Gathering singles on league nights! At the end of the month, league members vote on two awards – Most Fun Deck and Best Sportsmanship. The winner of both of these awards will get $15 in store credit, and the league winner will get the remainder of the pot in store credit!

The full points system’s below the cut!

* For just playing a 1 on 1 duel, you’ll get two league points for participating. The winner of the duel gets five points. You can only play the same opponent in a duel twice a month. On Thursdays, you get a bonus point for participating, and two for winning. You can participate in a maximum of five ranked duels per week.

* For multiplayer games (five players max), you get two points for participating, and two more points for each eliminated player. In addition, you can play either with or without Planechase. Like dueling, there’s a restriction on how many times you can play the same people – in three-player games, at least one person must not have played the others in a multiplayer match during the month, and in four-player and five-player games, at least two players must be new. On Thursdays, you get a bonus point for participating, and then three for each eliminated player! You can play a maximum of three ranked multiplayer matches a month.

After each match, the participants will record the results in an official league results book. All players must initial off on the results.


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