PHB3 Worldwide Game Day! – March 20, 2 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Like we have in the past, we’ll continue to support the release of the big 4th Edition D&D books – and on March 16th, we’re hosting the Worldwide Game Day for Player’s Handbook 3! The Player’s Handbook 3 officially releases on March 16, and that weekend is the perfect time to take some of the new races and classes from the book out for a test drive before you decide if you want to buy!

Remember, this adventure can ONLY be played on March 16th, and Organized Play is the only place in town (that I know of!) that will be hosting WWGD! In addition to the WWGD-exclusive module, we’ll also be running a special 18th-level adventure – converted from a classic Living City module – that you can bring your OWN 18th-level PHB3 character to! More details and Warhorn signup details below the cut!

Don’t worry about bringing a character to the WWGD main event – just show up with good spirits and some dice if you have them. The adventure will have pre-generated 6th level characters that are designed to interact well with one another mechanically and are power-appropriate for the adventure. Speaking of the adventure, here’s its introductory text:

In the frontier village of Beorunna’s Well, all is not well. Villagers have disappeared without a trace, and the locals fear to walk alone in the dark. Now, the villagers hear distant cries of terror at night, echoing from an abandoned fortress outside the village. A group of brave heroes must step forward to explore the Lonely Tower and end the threat to Beorunna’s Well. “Beneath the Lonely Tower” is a 6th-level adventure with six pre-generated characters included, all using options from the new Player’s Handbook 3.

Like we did for the last WWGD, we’ll be utilizing Warhorn to make sure we have enough room for everyone at this event. So, go sign up! Looking forward to seeing everyone come out!
Here’s the introductory text for the WWGD adventure:

So, about WWGD PH3, I assume it is on March 20th since the PH3 drops on March 16th.

If so, did you already have plans for that day on what you wanted to do. If not, I would propose (and help organize) a day long event, where we offer the WWGD adventure (I assume there’s an adventure in the WWGD download), the new Dark Sun preview from DDXP (which utilize some of the PH3 classes) and the 18th level Beyond The Door adventure (for those who want a high level taste with PH3). My plan would be all 3 adventures offered during each slot with 2 slots total, 1 at 3pm and 1 at 7pm, with the idea that each event is 3 hrs long, except Beyond the Door and a note will be made that it will be the entire 4 hrs. LFR events could be offered, but I’m thinking of not doing that to appeal the broader base of gamers in the area. Also, I have 2 Dungeons and Dragons backpacks to give away during the event.

What do you think? If you likey, then I’ll set about to make this happen.



  1. I signed up and and I am excited about the event.

  2. i cant wate! what hapens if no juge signds up?

    • No need to worry about that – I’ve already got them lined up 🙂

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