New M:tG Weekly Event: Zendikar Block Constructed! – Saturdays, 8 p.m.

We’re starting up a new weekly event for Magic: the Gathering – Zendikar Block Constructed! This format includes -only- cards from the Zendikar block (so far, that’s Zendikar and Worldwake.) This will be slightly different than our usual M:tG tourneys – it’ll be absolutely free, with a weekly prize of Standard-legal tournament-played cards! The idea behind Block Constructed is that it’s got a much lower cost of entry than Standard – you can put together a totally viable Block deck for $40 or less (such as Kor/White Weenie, Green Stompy, Allies, etc.)! That makes it a great way to get a tournament experience with Magic, but without the large cost of a Standard Constructed deck.

We’re going to hold Block on Saturdays at 8 p.m., to give folks time to finish up with tournaments elsewhere in the area and try out this fun new format. We’ll go ahead and start it up this week, so start building!


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