T Shirts!

We have been approached with some interest in purchasing OP shirts.  So, let us know what you think with the poll below and the comments.

Now that you’ve voted, tell us more! What color shirt? Ink? Do you want the design on the front, back, or both?



  1. Morgan,
    I’d love one. And I think it should feature the Organized Cat.

    • oooh!! I can has t-shirt? Really really big t-shirt? want….. Preston!!!!!

  2. I’d buy one. As for color, I think the white background and black logo with “play” in red, like this website’s logo, would be perfect.

  3. Shirts are a great idea for getting your name around.
    Be sure to get a top notch design though.
    Also, use high quality shirts.
    I like the cat idea: perhaps the cat could be leaping on unsuspecting gamers etc.
    Single color prints are cheaper and can be done really well.
    Here is a great local screen printing and design shop: http://www.heavenspresents.com/

  4. I’d love a shirt. Gotta represent OP.

  5. Must. Have. T-Shirt! Anyone who says otherwise is an infidel! They must meet me on the Classic Battletech Field of Battle and Die at the hands of my WoB mechs!
    Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  6. Morgan,

    I think a black shirt with the OP logo in white on the front (centered) and the one-word sentence “Play.” under it would be cool. On the back, I would put the website address.

    This would also work with black print on a white shirt, or white print on virtually any color. Multiple colors to choose from would make the product attractive to a broader audience, and this design would be super-cheap.

    Also, I agree with the sentiments previously expressed regarding getting good quality T-shirts. It will make all the difference between people liking/wearing them and people using them to wash their cars. 🙂

    My $.02.

    – Adam

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