Worldwake Prerelease! – 8 PM, 1/30/10

(edited to make the dang link work)

Now that the Fetchland Frenzy is all wrapped up, it’s time to ramp up to the Worldwake Prerelease – our FIRST EVER Magic: the Gathering prerelease! You can reserve your seat for the prerelease on our Warhorn site.

What? Reservations? Well, since this is our first prerelease, we’ll be doing a few things out of the ordinary – details below the cut!

* First, to let folks in the area experience as many pre-releases (and accompanying promo cards!) as possible, we’re going to start at 8 p.m. on prerelease day (Jan. 30). Wait, a sealed prerelease, starting at 8 p.m.? Yep – but we’ve got some ways to trim down time to hopefully get folks out around between midnight and 1 a.m.

* The format for this prerelease will be three packs of Zendikar, three packs of Worldwake – this is a deviation from the normal sealed pattern of four of the base sent, two of the expansion. WotC mandates this format to give players as much exposure as possible to the new cards. It’ll be $25, which is just $1 more than if you bought the six boosters outright – PLUS, you get a free mythic rare, Comet Storm!

* Since there’s going to be at least two prereleases earlier than mine in the area, registration of the sealed pool will be required. (not that we wouldn’t believe that you opened three Jace, the Mind Sculptors…) There may or not be a deck swap. If there is a deck swap, you’ll have the opportunity to drop from the event if you want to keep the cards that you open. In addition, just like the Fetchland Frenzy, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve booked Jason Flatford (L1) as our head judge!

* Prize format! I really like this one. Regardless of participants, this will be four Swiss rounds. We’ll give anyone who goes 4-0 ten free packs of Worldwake, anyone who draws out 3-0-1 will get seven free packs, 3-1 players will get three packs, and even those who win as much as they lose – 2-2 – will get a pack!

* Because the prerelease is starting so late, being on time is required. If you show up at 8:01 p.m. … don’t expect to participate in the main event. If you can get here early, please do so – having all rears in seats at 8 p.m. will be massively helpful. Plus, it helps with the point below…

* We have limited space for this event. Because this is our first prerelease, Wizards of the Coast only provides enough product for a limited number of players – in this case, that number is roughly 32. We’ll be able to give a final number as the event comes closer. Because of the space limitations, we’re going to open up pre-reservations on Warhorn, a game organization site. Because of time restraints, PLEASE show up ten minutes early so we can get seating done. If you sign up on Warhorn and arrive before 8 p.m., you’re guaranteed a seat. IF WE ARE RUNNING LATE, WHICH I DO NOT EXPECT, we will then seat everyone else who arrives after 8 p.m., first come (and paid), first served.

* We *may* run a Worldwake draft side event, if product holds out. Because of our prize format, there’s a possibility it might not work out. If we do, the format will be one pack of Zendikar, two packs of Worldwake, with the prize being seven packs of Zendikar to the winner, three to second and one each to third and fourth.

* Finally, we’ll have intro packs of Worldwake for sale this weekend! This will be, outside of the sealed event, the only way to get Worldwake cards before the midnight release. We’ve got limited quantities, so make sure to pick them up early!



  1. Hmm seems the warhorn link is busted

    • so it is….

    • FIXED! apparently CaPs MaTTER in WArhorN

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