Monsterpocalypse Thursdays! – 8 p.m., Every Week!

Got a new weekly event going on that I’m pretty excited about – MonsterPocalypse! It’s a miniatures game in the tradition of kaiju – big ol’ battlin’ monsters, like Godzilla and King Kong, trashing a city, tanks and each other! We’ve developed some local interest in the game, so we’re going to try to hold weekly sanctioned tournaments for cool swag from Privateer Press, the manufacturers of the game… but we’re gonna need your help! Details below the cut.

PP’s tournament system is a little different from most companies – people who are interested need to sign up on their Web site before they send any event support. So, if you’re a MonPoc fan, or even if you think it just looks neat enough to show up and check it out, please sign up on the tournament Web site. My events page can be found here. Just sign up with PP, list yourself as attending… and we’re good to go!

Most critical are the tournaments two weeks out and more – if I don’t get at least six people signed up per tournament, two weeks in advance, Privateer won’t send tournament support (as they assume no one will be there to get it!) Our first four tournaments down here are going to be absolutely free, and I’ll be coming up with something fun and MonPoc related to give away. The fifth week, we’re going to try out the unit drafting format, which promises to be fun.

Like the WoW TCG, I’m committed to making this game work, but this one I’ve got to get some help with – so lend me a hand if you think this could be cool! 🙂


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