Announcing New M:tG Tournament Nights!

If you’ve noticed the Events tab, you’ll see that we’re starting M:tG tournaments on the other three days a week! Here’s what we’ve got:

* Tuesday draft time is now set at 9:30 p.m. Come on down! We’ve been drafting on Tuesdays for the past several weeks, so we might as well make it official!

* We’re starting Extended format tournaments on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. There’s a lot of buzz about Extended – specifically because the Pro Tour Qualifiers for Magic: the Gathering for the next several months are using the Extended format – so I want to give folks a place to test out their latest decks before they hit the tournament trail! If you’re not familiar with Extended, it’s a great way to get some mileage out of your old, non-Standard Magic cards – read all about it here!

* On Saturdays, we’re going to do Win-a-Box Standard tournaments, starting at 8 p.m.! The entry fee will be determined by how many entrants we have, but we’ll always offer it.

Of course, don’t forget about the three big tourneys coming up – our Fetchland tourney on the 16th; Extended for From the Vault: Exiled on the 23rd, and the Worldwake Prerelease on the 30th!


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