Shrink Wrap Sunday: Race for the Galaxy

Shrink Wrap Sunday!
Shrink Wrap Sunday is our new Sunday Board Game Day. In addition to trying out a board game, we will offer that opened copy at 30% off. If more than one person wants to purchase the game, we’ll pick randomly and the rest who didn’t get picked can purchase a still-wrapped copy at 10% off. So come over at 1PM to play.

This week’s game:
Race for the Galaxy

Explore, Settle, Develop, Trade, Consume, or Produce? Which do you need the most? Which of Earth’s former colonies will be most successful at settling the galaxy, now that JumpDrive exists? Who will discover the secrets of the mysteriously vanished Alien Overlords? Your goal: to build the most prosperous space empire!

In Race for the Galaxy, players build galactic civilizations by game cards that represent worlds or technical and social developments.

Each turn each player chooses one action, but the others will share in the actions chosen, each player secretly and simultaneously chooses one of seven different action cards and then reveals it. Only the selected phases occur. For these phases, every player performs the phase’s action, while the selecting player(s) also get a bonus for that phase.


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  1. Race is a fantastic game! Anyone who’s sitting on the fence should get out there and try it!

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