New FNM Prize Support! – Starting TONIGHT at 8:30!

We’ve done some rethinking about the nature of FNM – it’s intended to be a day where folks get rewarded for just coming to play Magic, and to date, our tournament structure rewards, for the most part, only the ones who happen to be the luckiest or most skillful.

While we’re still committed to giving real rewards for Magic play, we’re going to divvy up the prizes somewhat differently – and I think you’ll like it! The new FNM prize-out will start tonight at 8:30! Details below the cut.

Previously, we’ve been splitting the $5 entry between the top 2 participants and they’ve been getting a *ton* of store credit – for example, our first place for Wednesday brought home $44, since I add 20 percent on top of all the entries! I’m still going to add the 20 percent for FNM, but the store credit prize is going to be split between everyone who goes 3-1 or better in four-round Swiss play.

Now, in a 16-person field, there will be five people that qualify for prize after four rounds – 4 3-1s and 1 4-0. These folks will each receive $19.20 in store credit – not a bad haul! It’s rewarding people who pick up an early loss and stick it out, and ultimately, that’s what I think FNM’s about – it’s not about getting all grumpy about your 0-1 start, it’s about just playing it out and trying your best.

We’re going to keep Wednesdays the same, by the way. That’s a proven winner for Wednesdays, and I want to keep that the same. Feel free to give me feedback on what you think of the new structure, either in the comments or on our forum on!


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